The Alpha Dogs

Team 4946 - The Journey Is The Prize


FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organization whose mission is to inspire young people to pursue further studies and careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Their vision is of a world which celebrates success in these fields, and in which young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes. They pursue thier mission primarily through running robotics competitions for school-aged students at the elementary, junior high school, and senior high school levels.


The support of our sponsors and community are crucial to the existence and success of The Alpha Dogs. Our program helps to spread STEM education to our community, with our team currently participating in events such as school visits to local schools, and presentations/demonstrations at events hosted by our school. We give students the opportunity to discover an interest in STEM fields that can help them to choose post-secondary education that suits their interests.  We also give students a place to work with like minded individuals on problems similar to what they could face out in the workplace.  For students outside of our team, we still try to reach out and educate them in STEM fields.  We do this by running activities such as our Engineering Saturdays, where students in Grades 7 and 8 are taught concepts of the design, build and programming of robots. With this, students will have a better idea of what interest them as they enter high school. 

A Short Video about our program

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Bronze Benefits:

  • Recognition plaque with team photo

  • Recognition on website, Facebook, business plan, etc.

  • Small Logo on team display at tournaments

  • Featured in our annual “Thank You” ad

  • Access to our sponsor newsletter to stay updated with the team

  • Invitation to a “Meet the Team and Shop Tour” night and “Thank You” dinner


Silver Benefits:

  • All Bronze Benefits

  • Receive Team 4946 apparel  and a presentation at your company (Upon request)


Gold Benefits:

  • All Silver Benefits

  • Medium picture logo on team display at tournaments

  • Team 4946’s robot’s appearance at company or company events (Upon Request)


Platinum Benefits:

  • All Gold Benefits

  • Large picture logo on team display at tournaments

  • Picture logo on banner and promotional material

  • Special plaque of appreciation


Diamond Benefits:

  • All Platinum Benefits

  • Large picture logo on team display at tournaments

  • Large picture logo on banner, and promotional material

  • Large logo on the robot which competes at televised competitions

  • Special plaque of appreciation

Please feel free to contact us at:

Please write any cheques out to Humberview Secondary School.